Jobs offered by partners

On this page, you can find the jobs offered by the contract partners of the City of Helsinki and information on whom they are intended for.

What are these jobs?

Helsinki wants to offer job opportunities to people who may find it difficult to find a job in today's labour market. For this reason, we use an employment condition in the city's procurements. This means that our procurement agreement partner is committed to providing work to those in difficult labour market situations, such as young people, immigrants and long-term unemployed, partially disabled and disabled persons.

Contract partners can offer both work and apprenticeships. You can identify these jobs from the Työtä hankinnoilla marking on the advertisement.

Job openings

Below, you can see the current vacancies. When you find a suitable vacancy, do not hesitate to contact us and let us know that you are a client of Helsinki Employment Services. The job advertisements are primarily in Finnish.

  • Please refer to the advertisement for contact information and instructions on how to submit an application.
  • The job advertisement describes in more detail the prerequisites regarding the job, such as language skills or the right to a pay subsidy.