Work try-out

Have you been out of working life for a long time or are you just starting your career? Would you like to change your career or try out a new kind of job? With a work try-out, you can clarify your career choices and get a foot in the door of your workplace.

Into working life through a work try-out

A work try-out is suitable for you if you want to try out a new job or display your skills to the employer before entering into an actual employment relationship. A work try-out can be used, for example, to find out whether you are interested in a particular field or profession, to check whether your competence is up to date or to find out what kind of support you need in order to return to the labour market.

Language studies during the work try-out

If you want to develop your Finnish language skills during the pay subsidy period, you can participate in language courses during working hours. Finnish for Working Life courses are organised by Helsinki Finnish Adult Education Centre and Finnish as a Second Language (S2) courses by the Helsinki Vocational College and Helsinki Vocational Adult Institute.

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