Data protection and the processing of personal data

This page contains information on data protection and the processing of personal data in the public employment and business services provided by Helsinki Employment Services.

Processing of your data

As a joint controller with the Centre for Development and Administration for ELY Centres and TE Offices (KEHA Centre), we are responsible for ensuring the rights of our local government pilot clients, as specified in the General Data Protection Regulation. These rights include, for example, the right to inspect one’s own data or to have incorrect data rectified.

The joint responsibility of the employment services and the KEHA Centre is based on legislation, which specifies that the KEHA Centre is responsible for duties related to the national customer information systems (E-Services and URA system) and their data security, while the employment services are responsible for other duties related to the implementation of the data subjects’ rights. Clients of the employment services can enforce their data protection rights equally in relation to both data controllers.

Register description and privacy statement

Helsinki Employment Services processes your data in accordance with the privacy statement available on the TE Office’s website, in connection with its duties specified in the Act on Local Government Pilots on Employment (1269/2020). Helsinki Employment Services is the municipality of the pilot area specified in the statement.

The City of Helsinki’s own register description contains the relevant sections of the TE Office's privacy statement, along with more specific information on the local government pilot. The city’s register description also contains the specific contact persons and persons in charge.

In addition, the City of Helsinki has a separate register description for non-statutory services that promote employment, complementing the statutory activities within the local government pilot.

Frequently asked questions

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