Coaching and training

Seeing your career options clearly or finding a job does not always depend on your own activity, but you may need personal guidance to find your own strengths and development targets.

Support and training for working life

If you feel that you need guidance on your career path, you can apply for support through coaching, where you can get concrete help with topics such as applying for a job or education and career planning individually or in groups.

You can, for example

  • take part in online or group career or job search training
  • receive individual coaching
  • discuss career choice questions with a psychologist. 

Psychologist services at Employment services

A psychologist specialised in career counselling and planning supports you and provides guidance in choices related to your career and training as well as resolving issues. 

You can apply for the psychologist guidance if: 

  • You want to clarify your own strengths, resources, interests or professional wishes
  • You need help with choosing your field of study
  • You have experienced challenges in working life that you want to discuss
  • You are no longer interested in the field you currently work in
  • Your health problems, situation in life or learning difficulties limit your options.

The service provides you with an opportunity to stop and think about your situation and wishes together with the psychologist, and to gain new perspectives. The purpose of the guidance is to support you and help you to make decisions about your future.

Psychological guidance is a confidential service that is free of charge. Guidance is available in Finnish, Swedish, English and through an interpreter. Clients are served face-to-face and by telephone and video connection.