About us

We offer diverse employment services to jobseekers in Helsinki and support employers in the Helsinki Metropolitan Area in recruiting skilled employees together with the TE Services for Uusimaa. We help jobseekers find suitable jobs or develop the skills they need for employment.

What do we do?

As part of the municipal employment experiment, we offer, for example, the following services to jobseekers in Helsinki:

  • guidance, coaching and training services.
  • opportunities for work try-outs and pay-subsidised work.
  • advice on, for example, job seeking, training and the use of electronic services.
  • services related to becoming an entrepreneur.
  • Finnish and Swedish language courses for migrants.
  • events and other networking opportunities.

How can you contact us?

We serve our clients at the offices of Helsinki Employment Services across Helsinki. Some of our offices serve only by appointment, but some offer advice services in the lobbies. Our clients can also contact us via E-Services, by e-mail and by phone.

Learn more about the different ways of contacting us