Employment services for the commerce, tourism and catering sectors

Find a job quickly. We provide you with knowledge of different sectors. We support you strongly in charting your skills and your job search. In the service, you will receive help for finding hidden jobs. We know these sectors and use the service providers’ own employer networks.

In the employment agreements created through the service, the minimum working time is 18 hours per week.

The total duration of the service starting from the initial information session is a maximum of six months. Some of our clients have found a job very quickly.

During the service, you can complete competency passports that you don’t yet have, such as the hygiene passport.

Are you not sure if working in the commerce, travel or catering sector is for you? You can still participate in the service. Some of our customers have also found jobs in other roles through the service.

See the introduction video of the employment services for the commerce, tourism and catering sectors.  (in Finnish)

Frequently asked questions

Learn more about the sector and training

There are many different jobs available in the commerce, tourism and catering sectors. You can work, for example, as

  • a dishwasher
  • a bar worker
  • a barista
  • a salesperson in a specialty shop
  • a headwaiter
  • a shelf stacker
  • a cashier
  • an order picker
  • a chef
  • a service officer
  • a restaurant worker
  • a waiter
  • a warehouse worker
  • a receptionist or
  • a shift manager.

Are you interested in studying the sector?

In addition to the joint application system, you can apply for a place of study through rolling admission. Educational institutions offer a variety of options for studying degrees or parts of a degree.

Studyinfo contains information on education and application periods.

Rolling admission in Studyinfo   (in Finnish)

Ask for more information 

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