Rights of unemployed jobseekers

Did you know that, as an unemployed jobseeker, you have certain rights and responsibilities in relation to your job search? These rights and responsibilities are defined by law, and they play an important role in supporting your employment.

Employment services have the same goal as you: to find work for you, so use the services actively to find ways that will promote your employment.

Responsibilities of unemployed jobseekers

As an unemployed jobseeker, you have certain responsibilities that you must comply with in order to receive the unemployment benefit. Your specialist will tell you about the responsibilities that affect the unemployment benefit and answer any questions you might have about your responsibilities. Remember at least these responsibilities.

Job search obligation

Jobseekers are required to apply for jobs. We must agree with you on a job search obligation that is appropriate for your situation. By fulfilling your obligations as a jobseeker, you will ensure the continuity of your job seeking and avoid breaks in your unemployment benefit.