Use the online services

We recommend that you use the E-Services when you want to contact us. Through the service, you can conveniently submit a contact request to your own specialist at Helsinki Employment Services. After receiving the contact request, we will contact you quickly by phone.

Via the E-Services, you can

  • inform us of the start and end of your unemployment or other changes in your circumstances; 
  • check and update your employment plan and keep us informed of its implementation; 
  • inform us about the fulfilment of your job search obligation; 
  • check what has been agreed on, including your tasks; 
  • respond to clarification requests and follow the progress of the clarification requests and statements; 
  • update your contact details. (NOTE! Your changed address information will not be automatically updated to us if you submit a change of address notification to the Population Information System)

The E-services are only available in Finnish and Swedish.

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