Pay subsidy

Do you need help finding a job? Did you know that a pay subsidy can compensate the employer for part of your salary? Read more about the pay subsidy option on this page.

In what kind of situation can an employer receive a pay subsidy?

You may be entitled to the pay subsidy when you have registered as an unemployed jobseeker and the pay-subsidised work promotes your employment. The pay subsidy is a discretionary subsidy. A pay subsidy may be granted for

  • a fixed-term employment relationship or an employment relationship that is valid until futher notice.
  • a full-time or part-time employment relationship (for example, if you have partial work ability).
  • apprenticeship training.

It is possible to receive a pay subsidy for a job for which your professional competence is not yet sufficient and in situations where your health affects your employment. The pay subsidy can also be used to support your re-entrance into the working life.

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How can I make use of a pay subsidy?

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