CV and job application

When applying for a job, you often need an up-to-date resume or CV and a job application. The purpose of these documents is to convince the employer that they should invite you to an interview. This page contains instructions and templates that will help you to present your expertise in the best possible light.

What are a good CV and job application like?

A good CV (Curriculum Vitae) or resume shows your previous education, work experience, competences and other skills quickly and clearly to the employer. Your CV should specify what kind of skills and experience you can bring to the workplace you are applying for. Describe your expertise as practically as possible and be concise.

A good job application is clear, concise and interesting. It also meets the job description and its requirements. In your application, genuinely explain why you want to work in this particular job and company. Experience or knowledge alone are usually not enough, but employers look for the right kind of personality – so let yours come through! Tell them what sets you apart and why your personality would be a good fit for the job.

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