Labour market training

The aim of labour market training is to improve your professional skills and employment opportunities, help you keep your current job, improve your entrepreneurial skills, and promote the availability of professional labour force and starting up of new businesses. The service also provides you with contacts with employers.

What does labour market training mean in practice?

  • Labour market training is intended for the unemployed, those in the danger of becoming unemployed, laid off employees, career-changers and jobseekers who have difficulties finding employment with their current education. Some training options are provided to specific groups, such as migrants or young people.
  • The aim is to complete a degree or find employments after the training. Training is provided by vocational institutions, higher education institutions and private educational institutions.
  • You will receive the unemployment benefit during labour market training.
  • You must apply for the training separately and be admitted to it.
  • Participation is obligatory, and interrupting the training can interrupt the payment of your unemployment benefit.

You can discuss suitable labour market training options or tailored training together with your specialist. Some of the training options are very popular, which is why you should make your application carefully. Our advisory service and your specialist can help you with your application, if necessary.

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