Work ability assessment

The aim of the work ability assessment is to identify and assess your ability to work and function, as well as the possibilities for rehabilitation and receiving pension. The work ability assessments are available from the social and health care services.

What is a work ability assessment?

The work ability assessment helps you to find solutions that support your work ability and employment. The work ability assessment focuses on issues related to your work and functional ability, and sets goals for possible employment.

The assessment will be used to tailor the necessary support and rehabilitation services that help you to move towards working life.

How can I be admitted to the work ability assessment?

You are eligible for the work ability assessment when

  • you are an unemployed jobseeker aged 18–63 in Helsinki,
  • you have received a referral from the employment services or a social welfare service point, and
  • you want to promote your ability to work, or you need help with employment challenges.

Please discuss your situation with your specialist, social worker or social counsellor. If necessary, they will refer you to the work ability assessment, which will include your consent to disclose your information as an appendix.

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