Rehabilitative work

Rehabilitative work is a service produced by the City of Helsinki, intended for unemployed job seekers in Helsinki. Its purpose is to improve your life management skills and promote the conditions for your employment. Rehabilitative work activities are organised, for example, in the workplaces, associations, foundations, and municipal and state offices of the City of Helsinki.

Who is rehabilitative work intended for?

Rehabilitative work may be for you if

  • you have been an unemployed jobseeker for a long time.
  • you have difficulties finding your place in the labour market.
  • you need special employment support measures.

Please discuss the matter with your specialist, social worker or social counsellor. You can assess your possibilities for rehabilitative work activities together.

Before being admitted to rehabilitative work activities, an activation or multidisciplinary employment plan will be drawn up for you, covering the rehabilitative work activities, their objectives and the support you will receive during them.

What is the duration of rehabilitative work activities?

Rehabilitative work always begins with a three-month period. The work may be continued for different periods up to a maximum of two years.

Rehabilitative work may take place

  • on 1–4 days a week.
  • 4–6 hours a day.

Will I be paid during rehabilitative work?

This is not an employment relationship. During rehabilitative work, you are entitled to unemployment benefit or income support and a travel ticket. If you receive unemployment benefit, you will receive an additional expense allowance of EUR 9 for each working day.