Rekrytori Ukraina event offers job opportunities for Ukrainians

The recruitment event Rekrytori Ukraina will be held at Messukeskus Helsinki on 7 March 2023 from 12:00 to 16:00. The event welcomes all jobseekers free of charge, and its purpose is to enable employers to find suitable employees among the Ukrainians forced to flee the Russian war of aggression, as well as other talents, to work in Finland. The City of Helsinki will also be at Rekrytori to offer various job opportunities. The patron of the event is Juhana Vartiainen, Mayor of Helsinki.
A group of recruitment event participants in a large room.
Rekrytori-tapahtuma ukrainalaisille järjestettiin myös syksyllä 2022 Espoon Metro Areenalla. Photo: Mikko Honkala

“In our experience, companies in Helsinki are keen to offer jobs to people from Ukraine, but there have been challenges in bringing employers and Ukrainian job seekers together. We want to do everything we can to ensure that as many people as possible who have been forced to flee Ukraine can find opportunities in Helsinki. It is great that such a large number of companies are involved. I believe and hope that as many people as possible will find a job through the event” says Juhana Vartiainen, Mayor of Helsinki.

Event free of charge for employers and jobseekers

The Rekrytori Ukraina event brings together almost 100 different operators offering job opportunities. Included are large national and international employers with suitable work assignments for Ukrainians who have come to Finland. In addition, development corporations participate in the event together with their local companies. The late-winter event is ideal for the participating companies offering summer and seasonal work.

The City of Helsinki is involved in the event in many ways. The city’s operators participating in the event include the Education Division, Helsinki Vocational College, the city’s Employment Services and the Talent Helsinki project, which aims to improve employment of highly educated international talents. The aim of the city at Rekrytori is to get the word out that it is possible for Ukrainians to start a good new life in Helsinki. The city offers plenty of support, advice, help and guidance.

In addition to employers' own points, the event will host a CV workshop and a job noticeboard. The job noticeboard will be used to compile companies' job advertisements with QR codes, which allow open positions to be examined independently at the event. The participants will be provided with language support in Ukrainian, Russian and English.

City of Helsinki wants to help Ukrainians find employment

One year has already passed since Russia began its war of aggression in Ukraine. Concern for Ukraine and its people is present every day. The City of Helsinki supports humanitarian aid and the organisations helping Ukrainians in Helsinki, and offers services, support and guidance to those who have fled the war.

Helsinki wants to do its utmost to help those forced to flee Ukraine to find employment. The goal of the City Strategy is to improve the likelihood of Helsinki residents finding employment and to ensure that both companies and the city itself have enough skilled workers. The city has the opportunity to bring employers and job seekers together, and recruitment events play an important part in this.

A vast network of authorities and voluntary parties are participating in organising the Rekrytori Ukraina event. In addition to the City of Helsinki, the participants include the Uusimaa TE Office, Suomen Yrittäjät, Helsinki Vocational College and Messukeskus Helsinki. The Ukrainian Association in Finland and Lippulaiva Ukraine Help Center, which are responsible for reaching Ukrainian job seekers and providing language support, as well as the Mannerheim League for Child Welfare, are important partners of the event. The event is produced by Honkalamedia Oy.

The Rekrytori event was organised for the first time last autumn at Espoo Metro Arena. 1,300 job seekers visited and 60 employers, communities and educational institutions were involved with the event. The event was also held at the Koskikeskus shopping centre in Tampere in early February 2023.

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