New Jodel channel to be opened to provide low-threshold services to young people

Helsinki Employment Services and Ohjaamo Helsinki are opening a new joint service channel for clients under the age of 30. The new channel on the social media messaging app Jodel will be opened on 14 December 2023 as one of the City of Helsinki’s solutions to better reach young people.
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The purpose of the new Jodel channel is to allow Employment Services and Ohjaamo experts to engage in discussion with and provide support and guidance to young people in various everyday life situations. Advice is available on topics such as employment, studies, well-being and finances, for example. 

Discussions on the Jodel channel are carried out via anonymous messages. Users can submit questions on the channel at any time, and responses are provided on weekdays. The channel will also be used to host various theme days, during which users will be able to chat about specific topics live. 
Jodel reaches young people between the ages of 18 and 35 and serves as a low-threshold meeting place. The new channel provides anonymous support and guidance even on difficult topics and issues.     

As regards social media, Ohjaamo also has a Discord server. In addition to this, Ohjaamo and Employment Services have Facebook and Instagram accounts. Ohjaamo provides on-site services in Kamppi and Itäkeskus.

Solutions to challenges sought with a multidisciplinary approach

Young people are often still unsure about many things and seeking their own path in life. In recognition of this, Ohjaamo helps young people by providing information on opportunities and rights and support for finding suitable education and training opportunities and applying for them. In addition to this, Ohjaamo supports job seeking by offering concrete help with preparing job applications and CVs, for example, and tackling the various challenges that young people can face when looking for a job.

“Finding employment is affected by many factors, such as self-confidence, recognition of your own skills, lack of experience and limited knowledge of rights, labour markets and services. In addition to this, many young people face challenges related to putting their competence into words and practical job-seeking skills. Because of this, young people often need some safe and encouraging support for job-seeking or finding their way in life,” says Service Supervisor Teemu Kairamo from Ohjaamo Helsinki.

Education and training options can be considered together with a specialist from Ohjaamo.

“The reason for a lack of education may be that the young person does not yet know what kind of work they would like to do. Not being aware of what you are capable of can also lead to uncertainty. Another reason can be dropping out. Choices and future planning can be hampered by a negative self-image, feelings of hopelessness or fear of failure,” says career counselling psychologist Laura Sirkiä.

Other common barriers to employment include untreated health challenges, motivational problems, difficulties in managing everyday life and lack of information about jobs corresponding to one’s education and training. Some sectors also simply do not have enough jobs for all qualified job-seekers.

Ohjaamo’s multidisciplinary services provide young people with support for moving forward in their lives and finding employment. The services are easily accessible based on the one-stop-shop principle. 

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