The Helsinki Employment Services website expands into new languages

Helsinki Employment Services are now offering online information in Somali, Russian and Ukrainian.

The front page provides key contact information and instructions for jobseekers, as well as tips on looking for work and improving language skills. The page also features information about integration services.

In addition to the front page, the new multilingual content also includes guidance pages, helping jobseekers establish what their rights and responsibilities are, find out about their job search obligation, and understand what they need to take into consideration when travelling and going on holiday as a jobseeker. 

Users can select their preferred language via the language menu.

Somali front page

Russian front page

Ukrainian front page

There are currently around 21,750 foreign-language jobseekers currently registered with Helsinki Employment Services. Our customers span more than 100 different native languages and approximately 160 nationalities. The three most common native languages are Russian, Arabic and Somali.