Be in touch with the Employment Services in the summer and apply for training courses starting in the autumn


In this newsletter, we will tell you about our services, summertime opening hours and future training and coaching.
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Being a client of the Employment Services

You will receive help and support for your employment from us. You can contact us in several ways. You can find more information on the Contact information and advice section.

Read more about the pay subsidy option

The pay subsidy is a financial subsidy that compensates the employer for part of the salary costs. The employer can receive a pay subsidy when certain conditions are met.

You may be entitled to the pay subsidy when you have registered as an unemployed jobseeker and the pay-subsidised work promotes your employment.

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A pay subsidy may be granted for

  • a fixed-term employment relationship or an employment relationship that is valid until further notice
  • a full-time or part-time employment relationship (e.g. if you have partial work ability)
  • apprenticeship training.

The pay subsidy will be reformed starting on 1 July 2023. The new information on the pay subsidy will be updated on our website by 1 July 2023.

Pay subsidy

Pay-subsidised jobs at the City of Helsinki

Further information

Frequently asked questions about the pay subsidy reform, The Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment

Apply for education and training

The application periods for some of TE Services’ labour market training courses starting in the autumn will take place already during the summer. Take a look at the courses available, and discuss with your own specialist before starting training.

Below are examples of labour market training courses starting in the autumn in Helsinki. The training course introductions are primarily in Finnish.

Browse upcoming labour market training courses in Helsinki

Browse upcoming labour market training courses in Uusimaa

New paths through training 

The Work Path and Career Path training supports you in your job search. As part of the training, you will receive personal guidance and support from a peer group.

  • Learn to market your skills.
  • Update your resume and application template.
  • Get tips for successful job interviews.
  • Learn to identify your strengths and matters that affect your job search.

Future training courses

  • Work Path training in August:
    15–21 August 2023 + follow-up path
    23–29 August 2023 + follow-up path
  • Work Path training in August–September:
    14 August – 1 September 2023 + follow-up path
    16 August – 5 September 2023 + follow-up path, those aged 50 or more

Read more and apply for the training on the TE Services website:

Work Path training  (In Finnish)

Career Path training  (In Finnish)

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