Help for working life issues from the employment relationship advice service

Helsinki Employment Services offers employment relationship advice services for its clients. There is a demand for the service as jobseekers often have questions about, for example, employment agreements and the terms and conditions of working.

Since autumn 2022, the Itäkeskus office has organised employment relationship advice services with a multilingual approach. Advice is available in Finnish, English, Arabic and Russian. The service is available every other Wednesday. The advice is provided by the Finnish Refugee Council’s Fair Labor project.

As a new trial, the Central Organisation of Finnish Trade Unions SAK will start to provide an employment relationship advice service. Advice is provided in matters related to employment agreements, salaries and working hours, among other things.

– For example, there have been cases in which clients have not received their salaries or they have been dismissed via a message. We help raise awareness of employee rights and obligations. This way, we can also prevent labour exploitation and problems at places of work, says Aino Hautsalo, Project Planner at Helsinki Employment Services.

The service organised by SAK is designed especially for young people and those who have recently moved to Finland. The advice service is open to all, and the client does not have to be a trade union member. The service will be tested in the Pasila office in May–August for three days. The advice service will be available in Finnish and English. After the trial, the continuation of the service will be discussed in August.

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