Green sector employers and jobseekers came together at a recruitment event

On Thursday 8 February, Helsinki Employment Services held its first recruitment event for the green sector in collaboration with employers operating in the sector. The event, held at Helsinki City Hall, was attended by a large number of enthusiastic jobseekers.
Matti Invenius och Mari Jokinen representerar RTK-Palvelu Oy vid företagets avdelning.
Matti Invenius and Mari Jokinen representing at the RTK-Palvelu Oy stand. Image:
Christoffer Sohlberg

The event featured four green sector employers telling attendees about employment opportunities in the sector: GRK Suomi Oy, RTK-Palvelu Oy, Viherpalvelut Hyvönen Oy and the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Finland. Attendees got to introduce themselves at the employers’ stands, exchange thoughts about working in the green sector and give the employers their CV. They were also given an opportunity to create a CV at the event if they did not yet have one.

  • “The idea of having a dedicated recruitment event for the green sector was born from the poor employment situation prevalent in the construction sector. You see, the green sector has plenty of jobs in which work experience in the construction sector is useful. We are hoping to hold similar events in the future as well, and to provide green sector students and professionals, as well as people looking to make a career change, with opportunities to get together with employers operating in the sector,” comments Recruitment and Business Cooperation Planner Escocia Nsuku from Helsinki Employment Services.

The event was applauded by jobseekers and employers alike

Attendee Esamatti Laakso became interested in the event after learning about it from the TE Services. Having worked in the green sector for a long time, Laakso finds recruitment events to provide a great opportunity for jobseekers to stand out from the crowd and improve their skills in pitching their know-how to employers.

  • “I find it very useful and necessary for the green sector to have dedicated recruitment events at which people get to meet each other face-to-face. It is also important to inform educational institutions of these events, as they could bring student groups to attend,” Laakso comments.

RTK-Palvelu Oy representatives Mari Jokinen and Matti Invenius were at the event to talk about open property maintenance, sanitation and green service job positions in the Helsinki Metropolitan Area. The company’s stand had a queue of interested jobseekers.

  • “It’s been great to meet different people here at the event. Among other things, we’ve gotten to network with representatives of Helsinki Employment Services, meet students of the sector and people looking to make a career change, and exchange experiences with other businesses operating in the sector. We hope that people will remember RTK-Palvelu from the event and that the event will provide attendees with an even better understanding of the entire green sector,” Jokinen and Invenius comment.

GRK Suomi Oy representatives Jere Hänninen and Tomas Tilli were also happy about having had fruitful encounters with jobseekers:

  • “It’s been nice to encounter people, and we’ve already met several potential employee candidates. We’re primarily looking for new green workers and infrastructure pipe fitters. We hope that people will remember from this event that we at GRK carry out a lot of green construction as well.”

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