Employment Services’ first e-service for customers now open – employers can now apply for the Helsinki benefit online

The City of Helsinki offers financial support to employers for the hiring of unemployed Helsinki residents in the form of the Helsinki benefit. The Helsinki benefit is a form of discretionary support available to private and third sector employers. The application process has now been improved with a new e-service.
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The purpose of the Helsinki benefit is to support employment. The benefit can be granted for the hiring of an unemployed Helsinki resident who has been granted a pay subsidy, an employment subsidy for ages 55 and above or the Helsinki benefit card.

The maximum support amount is EUR 800/month for a period of twelve months. The support amount is affected by the employer’s hiring expenses and any other support paid for them. In the case of a pay subsidy granted for an apprenticeship, the benefit can be granted for the entire duration of the apprenticeship period. 
Employers can now apply for the Helsinki benefit via the new e-service or alternatively using the traditional application form. The applicant will be informed of the decision on the Helsinki benefit by post. Submitting the application online is convenient and can be done at any time and anywhere. 

– Our new e-service offers many benefits in terms of applying for the support. The service can be used to follow the processing of the application and to send messages to the processor. Applicants can also submit feedback about the e-service. We are constantly developing the e-service to make it more customer-friendly, states Senior Planning Officer Sanna Kauppila. 

The e-service makes it easier to submit applications, speeds up their processing and is also more secure than traditional paper applications. The application process includes verifying the employer’s eligibility for the support.

The Helsinki benefit e-service is the City of Helsinki Employment Services’ first e-service for customers.   

Hiring of 542 job-seekers supported in 2022 

The Helsinki benefit is paid to the employer, and the employer pays the employed person a salary. The benefit lowers the costs of the start of an employment relationship. During the support period, the employer can onboard the new employee, get them to commit to the company and increase their working life skills and know-how. 

In 2022, the total amount of support granted to employers in the form of the Helsinki benefit was approximately EUR 4 million. This amount was used to hire a total of 542 Helsinki residents. The granting of the Helsinki benefit is subject to conditions pertaining to the hired person, the employer and the employment relationship. The conditions for granting the Helsinki benefit adhere to the decision by the Economic Development Sub-committee of the City Board, 11 September 2023 (Section 30)  (in Finnish)  and the general guidelines on grants provided by the City (in Finnish). 

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