Competence paths aiming for employment being developed in collaboration

Helsinki Employment Services organise ‘Osaamisen aamukahvit’ (‘Morning Coffee of Competence’) partner events for stakeholders. The goal is to improve the flow of information and goal-oriented cooperation between operators.
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The aim of the events is to promote interaction with employers, the availability of skilled labour and the employment of jobseekers. In addition to this, the events are aimed at making services smoother and more appropriately targeted.

The first ‘Osaamisen aamukahvit’ event included discussion about training try-outs and various methods for supporting transitions between different levels of education, preparedness for studying and graduates. The event took place on 11 December 2023 at Helsinki City Hall. The participants consisted of 40 persons from educational institutions in the Helsinki region and other partner organisations providing client guidance. 

The event showcased services that provide clients with close support during their studies. There was also discussion about new forms of cooperation.

“The explored themes provided an overview of what kind of support is currently available for committing to studies, study progress and transitioning to working life and what kind of support needs have been identified in terms of support during studies. Through dialogue and cooperation, we want to further streamline the ways in which our clients are steered towards competence development paths that are right for them, which will ultimately lead to employment,” says Senior Specialist Veera Ramadan from Helsinki Employment Services.

The discussions highlighted that many students need some kind of support. Having access to support is important for study progress and a successful transition to working life. However, various forms of support still need to be further developed, in addition to which it is especially important to ensure smooth cooperation between different operators.

The upcoming events in spring 2024 will focus on independent study on unemployment benefits and the paths offered by apprenticeship training. After the events, cooperation will be planned and continued based on identified needs. 

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