CareerDriver supports employment in the ICT, software development and media sectors

The service can help you enhance your career prospects and provide you with guidance on how to market your own know-how, for example.
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The CareerDriver service is intended for Helsinki Employment Services’ unemployed jobseekers in the fields of ICT, software development and media. Applicants must have an upper secondary or higher education qualification or degree. The service is provided in Finnish and English and has a duration of 3– 6 months. You can participate in the service by signing up on the website.

One of the challenges faced in the IT and media sectors is that it is difficult for employers and employees to find each other. Even though IT companies, in particular, are in need of new labour, it is often difficult for recent graduates and career switchers to find jobs in these fields.

Based on past experiences, the educational institutions behind the CareerDriver service felt it necessary to develop a comprehensive service that would provide jobseekers with personalised guidance. Participants get to simultaneously develop their know-how, strengthen their career planning skills and receive tips on their well-being.

“We wanted to create a service that would help a wide variety of participants but is nevertheless clear from the customer's perspective,” says Project Manager Jaakko Hyytiä from Helsinki Vocational College and Adult Institute.

CareerDriver’s competence modules, which have been tailored for the service from the study offerings of Laurea University of Applied Sciences and Metropolia University of Applied Sciences, are designed to meet the needs of the labour market. During the service, participants identify their own know-how, learn how to verbalise it and receive more information on how they can find employment in their own fields. In addition to this, participants’ everyday life management is supported through well-being discussions with Metropolia’s occupational therapy students.

“Individuality is the keyword of the service. Participants are provided with feedback and guidance throughout the service path. Participants have described the service as being clear and the guidance discussions as being fruitful,” says Project Coordinator Leea Hiltunen.

The competence development paths of jobseekers can be strengthened by developing cooperation between the City of Helsinki and educational institutions. In recognition of this, the CAREERDRIVER+ project is building a new model for sustainable employment that can be scaled for and replicated in other sectors and cities as well.

The four points of emphasis of the CAREERDRIVER+ project are creating clear service paths, building business partnerships, supporting development of know-how and developing a comprehensive guidance model. CAREERDRIVER+ is a joint project by Helsinki Vocational College, Laurea University of Applied Sciences and Metropolia University of Applied Sciences. The project involves cooperation with Helsinki Employment Services and local businesses. The project will run from 1 March 2023 to 28 February 2025 and is partially funded by the European Social Fund.

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Project Manager Jaakko Hyytiä
tel. +358 40 664 3020
Helsinki Vocational College and Adult Institute

Project Coordinator Leea Hiltunen
tel. +358 9 310 25104
Helsinki Vocational College and Adult Institute