Are you a client of Helsinki’s employment services? Would you like to identify your strengths or assess your current work ability and functioning? The Abilitator® is a free method enabling the self-assessment of work ability and functioning for all people of working age.

Abilitator in brief

With the Abilitator, you can evaluate your current situation, key strengths and development areas. It also enables the examination of changes in work ability and functioning, if the self-assessment is repeated.  The Abilitator is available in several languages. 

Complete the Abilitator form online

Completing the Abilitator form requires electronic identification with a mobile certificate or banking codes. 

  • The Abilitator works with the most common phone models and browsers.
  • The recommended browser for the desktop version is Google Chrome. 

Responding to the questionnaire is voluntary, but we hope you will use the Abilitator. 

Go to the Abilitator

If you want to learn more about the Abilitator, if you are not able to use strong identification or if you would like to respond to the questionnaire in your native language other than Finnish, Swedish or English, please contact your specialist.

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