Looking for a place to further your studies? Ohjaamo will guide you forward

Ohjaamo is a service for young people aged 15–29 in different situations in life. The service provides a wide range of support and advice for aspects such as job seeking and finding a place at an educational institution.
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Photo: © Juha Valkeakoski / City of Helsinki

The guidance counsellors of Ohjaamo are available without an appointment on Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays at 12.00–16.00. The counsellors can help you look into different fields, education options and the content thereof, and apply for them. You can also receive guidance regarding other education and training opportunities in addition to degree programmes, such as familiarisation courses and short courses in different fields.

When using the advisory service of Ohjaamo, you can receive support with planning your education and any challenges you may have with learning from special needs teachers on Tuesdays at 12.00–16.00 without booking an appointment. Challenges with learning can be brought about by factors such as learning difficulties or the person’s life situation.

A vocational psychologist will see young people at Ohjaamo without an appointment on Wednesdays at 12.00–16.00. If you find that making choices and planning your future feels difficult, you can come talk with the psychologist.

Ohjaamo’s multidisciplinary compulsory education team features guidance counsellors, social workers, compulsory education instructors and nurses. The team provide guidance for young people aged 15–17 who are in compulsory education but do not have a place at an educational institution. When a young person’s studies are suspended, they have not received a place to study or they have been unable to begin new studies, the schools or educational institutions involved forward the young person’s information to the team. 

Ohjaamo provides free tickets to Finland’s biggest education and career event, the Studia fair , at which Ohjaamo is an exhibitor. The fair provides opportunities to look into the offerings of different educational institutions and receive more detailed information about their educational content. The Studia fair will be held on 28–29 November 2023 at Messukeskus Helsinki Exhibition & Convention Centre. You can receive more information from Ohjaamo on-site and from Ohjaamo’s website and Instagram account when the event date draws nearer.

Information for applying to a higher education institution and tips for finding your own direction

At the Pääsykoetreffit (‘Entrance Exam Date’) event on 19 September 2023, attendees looking to apply to a higher education institution are provided with tips and information about entrance exams and preparing for them. You can also ask the presenters about anything on your mind. The event is free of charge and intended for people under the age of 30.

Assembling in September and October, the Mun suunnat, mun polut (‘My Directions, My Paths’) group will enable participants to find their own path into studies and working life with the help of an instructor. No advance registration is needed for the group.

Support with making your own choices

Even if you have not managed to nab a place to further your studies, the guidance counsellors of Ohjaamo will soothe your worries. At this point, you still have an opportunity to think about your own interests and plans for the future. If you feel that now is the right time to begin studies, application periods are open all the time.

There are constantly open application periods for secondary level vocational qualification programmes all year round. There may also be open application periods for general upper secondary schools during the school year. The joint application process for higher education institutions is open three times a year. In addition to degree programmes, you can find your own path forward from among smaller study modules and courses that enable you to familiarise yourself with one or several fields.

Young people are also provided with preparatory education for an upper secondary qualification (TUVA), path studies at open universities of applied sciences, open university courses and study modules, or opportunities to do a year at a folk high school. Youth workshops are also an enjoyable option for many. By contrast, some want to travel abroad to take part in voluntary work, for example. As such, you can actually find your own field of profession during a hiatus from studies.